Wave rider: Studio Zung’s new surfboard collection scores a perfect 10

G Zung Surfboard Collection
The New York City-based design and architecture firm, Studio Zung, has designed its own collection of surfboards
(Image credit: Studio Zung)

You can always trust an architect to do what needs to be done. After years of being an avid surfer, Tommy Zung of the New York-based architecture firm Studio Zung put his design chops to work on a line of surfboards that are as easy on the eye as they are to ride in the water. Handcrafted in Southern California and backed by the expertise of pro-surfer and coach Brad Gerlach, the quartet of surfboards get their good looks from locales close to Zung’s heart. Whether its referencing scenes from Biarritz, Amangansett, Venice, California, or Zung’s own beach house in Montauk, the boards’ hazy colour palettes come with a restrained, yet graphic Ellsworth Kelly-esque quality that can be spotted a mile away. 

G Zung Orca Surfboard

Ranging from 7 foot to 9 foot lengths, each board is handmade in Southern California and backed by the expertise of pro-surfer and coach Brad Gerlach

(Image credit: Studio Zung)

The Surfboards’ designs Gzung Pair

The boards’ designs are inspired by locales close to principal Tommy Zung’s heart, such as Biarritz, Amangansett, Venice, California and Montauk and the painting style of Ellsworth Kelly

(Image credit: Studio Zung)

The red surfboards

Made from polyeurethane foam, fiberglass and coated with a resin tint, the surfboards join Studio Zung’s 'Ride' collection, which also includes skateboards and bicycles

(Image credit: Studio Zung)

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