Ten c weighs in for winter

A new, cutting-edge collection from the premium Italian outerwear brand is innovatively constructed and cold weather-ready

Model wears coat in natural setting
‘Raincoat’, by Ten c, A/W 2021
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In partnership with Ten c

Ten c’s Original Japanese Jersey (OJJ) adventure continues for autumn/winter 2021. Ten c is designed by Alessandro Pungetti and part of FGF Group, held by Enzo Fusco. The brand’s signature fabric is typical of its commitment to craftsmanship and garment longevity. A high-density nylon and polyester fibre jersey that is windproof and water-repellent, OJJ is made using a high-temperature, high-pressure dyeing process that allows the fabric to take on a worn look similar to denim. Like all Ten c pieces, it gets better with age.  

This season, the brand is presenting OJJ in a range of weights – 12oz, 11 oz and 9 oz – and also combining it with other fabrics, including nylon. Styles reference military apparel and workwear, with revamped fits, details, silhouettes and lengths.

Model wears Snow Smock coat

‘Snow Smock’

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 Ten c A/W 2021: the key items 

The ‘Snow Smock’ is a revisitation of the brand’s classic ‘Smock’ without the belted waist.

The ‘Oversized Fishtail Parka’ has a roomy fit and longer back giving the garment a more modern look, while staying faithful to the features of the traditional army parka.

The ‘Short Sniper II’, like its longer brother the ‘Sniper Parka’, features an adapted military-style hood closed by two neck flaps that protect the face from the wind and are fastened by tape-backed press studs.

Model wears Rider coat

‘Rider Coat’

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The ‘Rider Coat’ is inspired by 16th-century equestrian apparel, this 21st-century version featuring a long length and large collar with a detachable hood. 

The ‘Cargo Parka’ combines the practicality of an intermediate length, with details that reference American outdoor clothing. 

The ‘Rengen Anorak’ has a high-tech hood, while the Huron Parka features a hood that can be transformed into a collar.

Model wears Rengen parka

‘Rengen Anorak’

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Styles in the 11oz OJJ include the ‘Tempest Combo Down Jacket’ featuring signature details from Ten c’s classic ‘Tempest Anorak’: nylon down fill, bonded OJJ in the hood, fly and patch pockets. The jacket is quilted in large squares inspired by 1960s styling. Volumes are oversized.

The ‘Sniper Combo Down Jacket’, which has the same bonded OJJ hood and fly as the ‘Sniper Parka’, features a pocket design inspired by those of the ‘Survival Jacket’.

The ‘Combo Down Parka’ is quilted horizontally, with a bonded OJJ hood, also seen on the classic ‘Parka’.  

Suitable for the harshest weather conditions is the ‘Deck Down Parka’ in nylon Tactel. Inspired by the ‘N-3 Flying Jacket’, originally designed for US air crews in unheated planes at high altitude, the Ten c interpretation includes volume-taming saddle stitching around the raglan armholes, along the sleeves and the back seams.

Model wears Survival Down Jacket

‘Survival Down Jacket’

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 New fabrics this season

New for this season is resin-coated nylon used for the down-filled, garment dyed ‘Anorak Down Jacket’ with 1960s-inspired square quilting, which flattens the down making it lighter in weight, and the ‘Alpine Down Jacket’, which has a higher down fill weight than the anoraks in this series.

Another new fabric is ultra-suede, used for the ‘Short Rider’, which, like the longer version in classic OJJ, is inspired by equestrian riding coats, but has a look that is more faithful to the originals.

 Ten c A/W 2021 trousers, sweatshirts and jumpers 

In addition to the outdoor collection, the A/W 2021 range also includes a wide variety of trousers in both 11oz OJJ and the OJJ-nylon blend.

This season sees the brand’s range of sweatshirts broadened – peached, ultra-suede brushed on the inside, or colour coated to contrast at the seams, or rendered in the same terry wool used for military linings. 

Jumpers come in two types – essential, in a stretch polyamide-wool blend that creates a voluminous yet light effect; and in wool-covered nylon ribbon chosen to give garments a handmade look, while feeling very light and comfortable.

Winter is coming. Ten c is ready.

Model wears parka

‘The Parka’

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Model wears Oversized Fishtail Parka

’Oversized Fishtail Parka’

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Model wears Arctic Down Parka

‘Arctic Down Parka’

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Model wears parka

‘The Parka’

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