See eyewear in a new light this season

Lindberg looks to the future of eyewear, embracing colour and chic across both optical glasses and sunglasses

Model wears tinted Lindberg eyewear
Optical glasses from a new collection inspired by the shapes and colours of nature
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In partnership with Lindberg

Each pair of Lindberg glasses is individually crafted and hand-finished by eyewear specialists using responsibly sourced and exceptionally long-lasting materials. Two new collections from the Danish minimalist oculist reference Y2K styling and the natural world, respectively, while always keeping an eye on its classic house philosophy. 

A new collection of sunglasses, reminiscent of 1980s eyewear fashions, sees mono-lens designs split in two by a slender titanium detail, completing super-light models that combine a chic, visor-like appearance with a flexibility afforded by the thin-titanium design.  

Man wearing sunglasses

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1980s-inspired sunglasses on white background

Top and above, new sunglasses nod to the 1980s

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Meanwhile, in a new series of optical glasses, a colour palette inspired by the natural world is matched with lightweight, rimless technology, to present floral shapes with a clean, minimalist aesthetic, transforming natural motifs into contemporary eyewear design.

Using Lindberg’s intuitive and dynamic customisation options, frames can become a playground of colour, encouraging customers to express themselves through individual, curated combinations.

Coloured optical glasses

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Coloured optical glasses on white background

Top and above, optical glasses from a new collection inspired by nature

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The combination of elegance, refined engineering and a unique approach to creative metallurgy is typical of Lindberg, an eyewear specialist driven by innovation. Co-founded in 1986 by architect Henrik Lindberg and his optometrist father Poul-Jørn Lindberg, the brand embraces Denmark’s design traditions of functionalism and minimalism, its spectacles made with an uncompromising and ultra-lightweight approach. Every single element must be essential and clean, eschewing unnecessary ornamentation, and avoiding the deployment of rivets, welded parts, and screws.  

At its headquarters, situated in the Aabyhøj district of Aarhus, Lindberg’s designers and engineers are encouraged to explore new techniques, experiment with technology, and take design to the limits, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of titanium eyewear. For the new collections, Lindberg looks to a colourful future – through the prisms of the 1980s and the natural world.


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