Some of the more interesting new designs in urban cycling are, perhaps not surprisingly, emerging from non-traditional sources. One of the latest to catch our eye is the product of a collaboration between Jonny Johansson, creative director behind Swedish denim/design firm Acne, and Italian bike manufacturers Bianchi. It’s a head-turning exercise in classic Italian styling with a fashionable twist.
Acne Bike 1
The Acne/Bianchi bicycle in pink with dropped handlebars
The female frame, based on Bianchi’s Pista model, is shaped like a traditional men’s bike only smaller, complemented by a soft suede seat and available in chrome, green (our choice), yellow, orange, and pink.
Acne Bike 2
In yellow with cross handlebars and brown suede seat
All versions will be available from March at Acne Studios in New York and through special order at