Ginfish is a concoction of whale tales, friendship and limited-edition design

New premium gin brand Ginfish was founded by two friends inspired by a fossilised whale discovered in the Piedmont region, a love of the sea and an adoration for the rituals of mixology

Right: 'Smoke' glassware by Joe Colombo accompanies Ginfish
(Image credit: Courtesy of Yana Terebus and Vanessa Iuculano)

‘Ginfish is a story of friendship between two childhood mates who, even if circumstances took them far, remained connected throughout their whole life,’ said Mauro Grimaldi, co-founder of Ginfish, a new premium Italian gin founded in the heart of the Piedmont region. ‘It is also a tribute to our land of Monferrato, a UNESCO heritage site well known for the quality of its products such as wine, white truffles, vermouth, and grappa. Additionally, we simply love gin and the rituals of mixology.’

Founded alongside Marco Pesce, a master distiller and part of a fifth generation of winegrowers and winemakers in Piedmont, the luxury gin was inspired by the rich history of the region which, millions of years ago, used to be underwater. It was here, not far from their distillery, that Tersilla, a fossilised whale, was discovered. Giknfish draws upon the ever-changing nature of water (how it can be in abundance and suddenly disappear), and the pair’s pining for the sea.

Ginfish: Italy's latest premium gin


Man-tengolo glass by Marcello Mantengoli

(Image credit: Yana Terebus)

The playful slogan ‘Save water. Drink Ginfish (responsibly)’ has an important meaning for its founders, with access to clean water as a fundamental human right for everyone. This testament is emphasised by the fact that with every bottle sold, a donation is made to vital projects helping to alleviate water scarcity.

Crafted from ingredients from the surrounding Monferrato Hills, all botanicals are local and sourced within a kilometre radius, and are individually distilled to preserve the aromas and essential oils. Notes of fragrant chamomile, thyme, sage and rosemary are topped with the zestiness of lemon, and rounded with clove and sticky raisins.


Orfeo glass by Ettore Sottsass

(Image credit: Yana Terebus)

The meaning of Ginfish is evident in its design, an important aspect for Grimaldi and Pesce, who wanted to present a gin which also reflected the art world. Its first edition of 500 bottles features a design titled ‘Whale-Tower’, a unique interpretation of the brand (and Tersilla) by designer and tattoo artist Ottorino D’ambra.

Grimaldi told Wallpaper*, ‘We love the idea that Ginfish is a high quality spirit as well as being limited-edition, whereby people can also enjoy collecting. A great inspiration for the first design has been ‘Donna Selvatica’ by Romano Levi. We teamed up with Ottorino D’ambra to materialise our ‘genius of the vineyards born from the sea’, and Whale-Tower was born.’

The luxury gin brand has also announced its latest venture, to create a collection of cocktail glasses by iconic Italian designers, aiming to elevate the cocktail experience through attention to design, capturing the dolce vita summer attitude.


Blade Runner glass by Cini Boeri, Orfeo glass by Ettore Sottsass, Bolle glass by Michele de Lucchi and Alberto Nason, and Smoke by Joe Colombo

(Image credit: Yana Terebus)

When asked for a favourite cocktail, Grimaldi exclaims, ‘but one is not enough!’ Reflecting upon travels, he says ‘ When in Paris we head to the Experimental Cocktail Club where maestro Eric Sabloniere fixes us a ‘Diamond (gin)fish’ - a concoction of Ginfish, FreimasterKollektiv’s rhubarb liqueur, sugar, lemon juice, egg white, champagne and a dash of Scrappy’s lime Bitter.’

Yet, when the summer season approaches the duo head to the Sicilian coast. ‘We go and see our friend Mike Salerno at Messina’s Grecale to get a Cetriolino, a mixture of Ginfish, lemon juice, cucumber cordial, and Triple sec, finished with cinnamon, pink salt and mint- salute.’

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