Organic forms make LaCividina furniture a natural choice

Furniture maker LaCividina combines Italian workmanship and organic design to create eye-catching collections

Modular sofa systems on grey floor with white background
‘Suiseki’, by Andrea Steidl for LaCividina
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In partnership with LaCividina

French designer Constance Guisset’s ‘Waves’ ottomans for LaCividina were inspired by natural forms: the rippling surface of the sea, rich colours of rolling earth, the waving, dancing flora and fauna. And the furniture system’s potential compositions – with varying modular shapes and sizes, joined together by clever magnet fastenings, as well as additional backrests, compatible wooden coffee tables, concealed plug sockets and USB ports – are as endless as the synergetic kinships occurring in the natural world.

The ottomans are only one of myriad elegant and ingenious designs coming out of LaCividina’s factory in northern Italy to appear in contemporary domestic environments, hotels, lounges and hospitality venues around the world.

Green 'Waves' dormeuse seating by Constance Guisset for LaCividina on a white background

‘Waves’ dormeuse, by Constance Guisset for LaCividina

(Image credit: press)

Taking ‘Made in Italy’ excellence worldwide

Showcasing LaCividina’s ‘Made in Italy’ philosophy and values, the brand’s versatile furniture pieces are crafted by expert artisans from fine Italian materials, and grace prestigious interiors including the lounge areas of Milan’s Linate, Nice and Singapore airports, the Dropbox offices in Tel Aviv, and the George Place business centre lobby in Sydney, Australia.

Another of LaCividina’s organic designs is Suiseki, a collection of pebbled-shaped sofas by the Italian designer Andrea Steidl, who looked to the Japanese art of arranging naturally occurring stones to create a series of smooth modular elements in earthy tones.

Meanwhile, La Cividina’s futuristic ‘Filinea’ armchair, by the Milan-based artist Antonino Sciortino, mimics the graphic, hydrocarbon mesh of the Pencil Cactus plant. Created from thin steel rods just a few millimetres thick, the ‘Filinea’s intersecting geometric filaments conspire to make a super-light armchair with an airy frame.

An exercise in virtuosity, innovation and technical skill, ‘Filinea’ epitomises La Cividina’s winning mix of world-class design, expert workmanship, high-quality materials and exceptional attention to detail.

‘Filinea’ black wire seating by Antonino Sciortino for LaCividina on a white background

‘Filinea’, by Antonino Sciortino for LaCividina

(Image credit: press)