Superior soaking starts with a Volcanic Limestone bathtub

The Victoria + Albert ‘Amiata’ collection by House of Rohl proposes Etruscan levels of indulgence

Blue 'Amiata' volcanic limestone bathtub by Victoria and Albert in white bathroom
Victoria + Albert ‘Amiata’ collection bathtub
(Image credit: House of Rohl)

In partnership with House of Rohl

Named in honour of an extinct volcanic mountain sacred to the Etruscans, Victoria + Albert’s award-winning ‘Amiata’ collection pays tribute to the storied traditions of bathing.

Back in the sixth century BC, the Etruscans are believed to have invented the concept of modern bathing. Luxuriating in hot springs and natural pools of Umbria and Tuscany, the pleasure-seeking, ancient Italians regarded their extended bath times as a manifestation of the divine, cleansing and empowering their bodies via the mystical, thermal powers of water.

‘Amiata’ Volcanic Limestone bathtub

Orange ‘Amiata’ volcanic limestone bathtub by House of Rohl against a dark background

(Image credit: House of Rohl)

Taking the past into the present, the ‘Amiata’ collection is composed of Volcanic Limestone, an extraordinarily durable stone that is both beautiful and tactile. Inspired by this material and the geological history of Mount Amiata, and seeking to combine innovation, functionality and beauty, the design atelier of Meneghello Paolelli Associati worked with Victoria + Albert to create a bathtub that is neither concave or convex, but an elegant balance of the two.

Luxuriously deep and shaped to the body to encourage Estruscan levels of indulgent comfort, the ‘Amiata’ evokes the past, while being thoroughly contemporary.

The tub’s exterior takes indulgence up another notch with colour options including a special trio of palettes – Light Industrielle, Dune Retreat, and Wavelengths – created in a unique partnership between Victoria + Albert and Wallpaper* editor-in-chief Sarah Douglas. Each palette takes colours from the brand’s RAL range to propose vibrant and original schemes for baths and bathrooms. We’re thinking floral yellows, sky blues, Umbrian earth tones, and Etruscan pottery reds.

Blue 'Amiata' collection volcanic limestone bathtub and basin by House of Rohl against dark background

(Image credit: House of Rohl)


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