Axor’s opulent minimalism for the modern bathroom

Sculptural taps created with designers such as Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio and Jean-Marie Massaud, are among Axor’s icons of considered bathroom luxury

Starck Organic tap
‘Axor Starck Organic’ tap
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In partnership with Axor

Based in the Black Forest town of Schiltach, Germany, Axor has a reputation as an expert and storied manufacturer of iconic objects for luxurious bathrooms and kitchens that extends far beyond its products.  

Developed and designed in collaboration with world-renowned talents – Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Jean-Marie Massaud and Barber Osgerby – Axor products are key components in shaping water-related spaces that reflect the personality of the user. Axor’s collections of taps, showers and accessories inspire and enable architects and interior designers, and delight the design-savvy public. 

Consistently forward-thinking and innovative the brand manufactures with excellence and personality to the fore, developing designs that stand the test of time, and become enduring icons of the brand. 

Starck V tap with water flowing into pink basin

(Image credit: press)

Massaud tap in bathroom

Top, ‘Axor Starck V’. Above, ‘Axor Massaud’

(Image credit: press)

Products with Axor ‘icon’ status include the ‘Axor Starck V’, a tap sculpted from flawless crystal glass, capturing the energy of water in a swirling vortex, adding sculpture and gentle, mesmeric drama to the bathroom experience. 

The ‘Axor Massaud’ is sensuously organic, its base resembling a blade of grass. Exquisitely thin, the spout doubles as a shelf, its elegantly crafted form providing a spray that takes the form of a silky waterfall.

Black Starck tap in blue bathroom setting

‘Axor Starck’

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The ‘Axor Starck Organic’ (pictured top) evokes the sensuousness of nature while also offering ergonomic function and water-saving efficiency. The tap’s gently flowing form is inviting to both eye and hand, with abstract sculptural qualities.

Inspired by the traditional well pump, ‘Axor Starck’, meanwhile, reduces the tap to pure essence, focusing user attention on the luxury of water itself.     

Citterio tap in luxury bathroom setting

‘Axor Citterio’

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The ‘Axor Citterio’ is understated but unmistakably luxurious, embodying the spirit of Italian neoclassicism. With balanced proportions and elegant geometries, its hand-polished surfaces, distinctively flat and brilliantly reflective, are both calming and dazzling. Another modern bathroom icon in the making.