VitrA is softening the bathroom

Across VitrA’s collections muted colours, soft edges, curvy contours and natural, tactile materials infuse a sense of serenity and contemplation into the contemporary bathroom environment

VitrA bathroom
(Image credit: Courtesy VitrA)

In partnership with VitrA

The modern bathroom is both sanctuary and service. It is a place of ritual and relaxation, revitalisation and indulgence, designed to encourage a sense of calm and comfort via carefully choreographed colours, tones, materials, finishes and surfaces. It’s a soft room, not a hard place. 

The days of harsh-edged ceramics, sharp angles and mirrored metallics are over, giving way to softer curves, warm brass and copper finishes and muted, ceramic tones, subtle lighting and natural, tactile materials infusing serenity and contemplation.

VitrA toilet

Memoria wall-hung WC pan, rim-ex, matt taupe, £1,425

(Image credit: Courtesy VitrA)

VitrA’s matt taupe washbasins from its Memoria, Outline and Plural ranges pair perfectly with dark oak detailing, encouraging touch, contact and interaction. A subtly illuminated Sento mirror diffuses a gentle glow throughout the bathroom space while accessories, brassware and putty toned furniture feature rounded contours, soft edges and smooth ceramics contributing to an effortless, sensual lightness. 

Since its founding in 1958, VitrA has been on a mission to transform bathroom culture, combining comfort and technology, prioritising R&D and working in creative partnership with leading international designers.

Freestanding washbasin with shelf

Plural small table with ceramic countertop and dark oak shelf, matt black, £1,578

(Image credit: Courtesy VitrA)

Designed by Terri Pecora, the Plural range is based on the Calfornian’s ethos of aesthetic functionality, the collection’s organic shapes and neutral colours recasting the bathroom as the new heart of the home. Driven by a sense of warmth and domesticity, Plural’s pieces can be styled and arranged in numerous combinations, just like regular furniture.

For the Memoria collection, designer Christophe Pillet created washbasins with a lightness of touch, all delicate lines and graceful curves. Colours are soft whites, taupes and matt blacks.

VitrA x Tom Dixon bathroom

VitrA x Tom Dixon’s Liquid collection. Liquid ceramic stool, white, £352

(Image credit: Courtesy VitrA)

VitrA’s Outline washbasins evoke the natural forms of tide-smoothed pebbles and sea-shore stones. Available in earthy colours and tactile materials that reference coastal nature and minerals, the basins’ gentle edges and asymmetric profiles bring kindness to the bathroom experience. Bold and voluptuous pieces from Tom Dixon’s Liquid collection for VitrA add wit, curvy form and Victorian functionality to the bathroom’s new softness.     

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VitrA sink

Sento washbasin unit with two drawers, matt fjord green, £1,262

(Image credit: Courtesy VitrA)

bathroom hook

Origin bathrobe hook, copper, £133

(Image credit: Courtesy VitrA)

gold tap

Root basin mixer with pop-up, round, gold, £254

(Image credit: Courtesy VitrA)

VitrA sink and mirror

Sento illuminated mirror, 80cm, oak, £744

(Image credit: Courtesy VitrA)