Wallpaper* & B&O: Home advantage

Wallpaper* & B&O: Home advantage

Curate your own sound and vision experience with the BeoLink Multiroom

BeoLink Multiroom is state of the art, domestic sound design that puts you in charge of your home as curator, conductor and arranger, uniting your Bang & Olufsen products into one liberating and intuitive, wireless system. Play different music in different rooms – or let one tune stream across your living space in one sonically controlled wave.

How does it work? Operating the BeoLink Multiroom system is as easy as turning the lights on and off. When the music is playing you just touch your Bang & Olufsen product to join the multiroom experience – from any part of your home. And of course, you can have full control of the system via the updated BeoMusic App. 

The Bang & Olufsen television are also wirelessly connected to the multiroom experience, controlled through Bang & Olufsen’s BeoRemote One…and when you go out, all devices can revert to stand-by mode with a simple one-touch gesture.

The newly launched audio system BeoSound Moment is the latest edition to the BeoLink Multiroom family. BeoSound Moment adapts the listening patterns and bespoke music selections to complement different times of day. Wake up in up the morning and a single tap on the BeoSound Moment’s touch-sensitive oak panel will initiate your favourite daybreak music. To add more rooms to your experience, just touch the products to join. As you make your way across the living room,  tap a BeoPlay A9 speaker to make it part of the multiroom experience. In your kitchen, a single click of a wall-mounted BeoSound Essence will deliver music from the same source. You can also include your Bang & Olufsen television as speaker, or as a sound source in your BeoLink Multiroom experience. Integration of other Bang & Oulfsen classics such as the BeoSound 9000 CD player or the BeoGram 4000 vinyl turntable is similarly effortless. Let the music flow. Live. Like No One Else.

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