Marantz celebrates 70 years of sonic luxury

Storied hi-fi marque Marantz honours its past and looks to an elegantly designed musical future

Marantz 70th anniversary
(Image credit: Courtesy Marantz)

In partnership with Marantz

For seven decades Marantz hi-fi has been the choice of both the audiophile and the aesthete, the sonic epicurean and the design connoisseur. Ever since the company founded its original workshop in Kew Gardens, New York City, its meticulously honed level of design engineering has been in pursuit of ‘The Most Musical Sound’.  

Driven by a deep love of music and an uncompromising attention to detail and quality, founder Saul Marantz was one of the original architects of hi-fi amplification, his earliest component designs immediately recognised for their quality, durability, and elegance. The gold fascia of the 1953 Marantz Audio Consolette pre-amplifier,  equipped with every equaliser curve necessary to handle the erratic recording characteristics of the day; the silver monolith of the Model 1 Mono Preamplifier; and the champagne-engraved faceplate of the Model 500 are all consistently acknowledged as both design and audio classics.  

Marantz audio controls

(Image credit: Courtesy Marantz)

With its hi-fi audio and home theatre products now made in Japan, Marantz’s sound masters and engineers continue to elevate immersive audio with the latest advances in fidelity, design, artisanship, and quality, making for luxury listening delivered in one, gorgeously considered experience.      

All over the world, the spirit of Marantz has transcended time and geography, the brand’s history including a role in man’s mission to the moon – Nasa chose the Marantz classic Model 9 power amplifier in the Apollo Space Program for the reliability, durability and stability of its power. There have also been appearances on the big screen – the Marantz PM60 amp enjoyed a cameo in Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, while other audio products featured in Jordan Peele's Us and Stephen Frears’ High Fidelity

Marantz 70th anniversary

(Image credit: Courtesy Marantz)

70 years of Marantz

As part of its 70th anniversary, Marantz has made its own movie. Titled The Pursuit, the short film celebrates Marantz’s legacy by taking viewers on a journey from 1953, when Saul Marantz created the first unique Audio Consolette, through the fast-paced and modern innovations that have led to the current era. 

Central to the narrative? The pursuit of the most musical sound, to bring listeners as close as possible to the original recording of an artist’s work.  Filmed in Tokyo and featuring arresting visuals, the vibrant and dynamic creative transports viewers through Marantz’s 70-year pursuit of perfection by highlighting the two cities that are core to the brand, born in New York and crafted in Japan.

Now, as the brand prepares to launch its latest generation of new products, Saul Marantz’s founding philosophy remains true. His love of music still informs an uncompromising ear and eye for detail, the development of design technology continuing to define excellence for generations of listeners. 

‘Marantz is a revered brand built on inspired innovation and exceptional quality, and seven decades of this rich history are embodied in the anniversary,’ says Joel Sietsema, Marantz brand president. ‘We are honouring the past, present and future of Saul Marantz’s legacy as we continue the brand’s story and develop new eras of innovations.’

Marantz’s extraordinary adventures in the world of sonic luxury continue.