Bathroom colours to improve your mornings

House of Rohl’s bathroom colours are designed to energise the morning ritual

White freestanding bath in blue bathroom
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Colours energise and stimulate our mornings. The day’s first shards of light combined with the myriad colours that surround us have a sensual and emotional impact, elevating moods, bringing balance to both mind and body. When we rise from our beds each day, the bathroom’s design, its forms, textures and colours play a unique role in the collective 7am ritual.

The colours we see first thing are vital to setting the body’s self-regulating circadian rhythms. Exposure to blue and green light in the mornings, for instance, has been shown to prompt the release of the stimulating cortisol hormone, which inhibits the release of melatonin to fully wake us. 

freestanding bathtub in house of rohl bathroom colours

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Just as spring is the season of awakening, the morning inspires an inner sparkle and a heightened awareness of the fresh and the new; the bathroom is tasked with energising, helping a gentle jump-start to the new day.  When quiet nurturing and gentle care is required, it can also serve as a cocooning sanctuary; a calm and textural personal spa space for isolation, relaxation and contemplation.   

Bathroom colours to inspire    

Clever colour adds more than mere decoration to surfaces. In her book Colour Strategies in Architecture, author Stefanie Wettstein describes colour as ‘one of the oldest architectural design elements’ and celebrates the spectrum’s strategic ability ‘to orchestrate spatial sequences or to visualise tectonics… colourless architecture does not exist’.  

Orange bathroom sink on white bathroom

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These theories can be introduced to the concept of bathroom architecture also; vibrant reds and sunlight yellows, for example, both regarded as energising morning colours, support light and shadow, turning surfaces into an optical and haptic experience. Some 60 per cent of people viewing a space imbued with colour are known to experience an increase of serotonin, stabilising feelings of wellbeing, and happiness, enabling brain and nervous system cells to positively communicate with one another.   

Block colours or subtle accents can be equally effective  Exposure to a minimal pop of yellow, in a hand towel, soap bar or glass bath oil vessel, brings a powerful and fresh state of mind to the morning, engendering mental alertness, physical awareness and a more positive outlook, whilst satisfying our fondness for tonal pleasure. Plants and greenery in the bathroom counter stress, boost mental alertness, clean the air and create a natural counterpoint to man-made textures. Orange tones, meanwhile, add accents of boldness to the morning mood. 

deep blue freestanding bath in house of rohl bathroom colours

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Blue is especially powerful, evoking a sense of security, comfort and nobility, behaving as a filter against noise and interruptions, helping us to relax, focus, and prioritise mindful moments. Water-inspired tones evoke enlivening sentiments of calmness, confidence and wellbeing, bringing freshness, joy, brightness and bliss, inspiring positive energy for the day ahead.  

House of Rohl and bathroom expertise

House of Rohl ventures to the ends of the Earth to find the most exquisite kitchen and bath fixtures, made with quality craftsmanship and technical prowess. Its five brands, which include Victoria + Albert, create collections of modern innovation, imagination and unique beauty. Established in 1996, Victoria + Albert has showrooms in London and Chicago, and dedicated production facilities in South Africa. Sporting elegant proportions and opulent curves, Victoria + Albert’s products are designed to create the perfect bathing experience, transforming any space into a luxurious sanctuary.

Twin wash basins by House of Rohl in energising colours

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