Wallpaper* & Cadillac: Miami

Wallpaper* & Cadillac: Miami

Redefining Standards is a showcase of young talent — those who embody the bold, relentless spirit of Cadillac. We talked with the visionary artists about their collaboration with Cadillac and how it shaped their final creations

Ryden and Lanette Rizzo, the husband-and-wife duo that make up New York­–based studio Allied Maker, welcomed the challenge of working with new materials—and the ability to tap into Cadillac’s historical material library. Allied’s signature lighting pieces are known for elegant matte finishes that stand in stark contrast to Cadillac’s lush high gloss, but the Rizzos were drawn to it.

‘We just picked materials that spoke to what we would naturally gravitate toward in our work and in our palette, yet it was distinct enough to Cadillac that it made it something really unique,’ Lanette says.

Ryden, too, felt that the iconic Cadillac gloss suited their style. ‘The body paint is high gloss, the wood finish is high gloss, the aluminium is textured,’ he explains. ‘It’s just so different, but then it felt also like something we would pick.’ In fact, the couple liked it so much that the process has inspired them to use more perforated metals in their work.

The duo was thrilled with the result—a glossy metallic light fixture that is suspended by the same leather straps that Cadillac uses in its seats—and the departure from their singular style.

‘I think any time you step away from what you’re used to using, it’s a little bit outside of your comfort zone,’ Lanette says. ‘But then, as it all started coming together, we just realised, Wow. It produces an insanely good result.’

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