Style File Atelier

Wallpaper* Tudor Style File is back for another year-long season. This time around, the focus is on vocation, workspace and artisanal craft, with our team seeking out talented people whose quest for carefully considered design, immaculate engineering and slow creativity dovetails neatly with the meticulous Tudor watches aesthetic. Offering an insiders' view on the inspiration behind each featured person's work, the Wallpaper* Tudor Style File Atelier series is a bonafide work-in-progress


Kit Webster’s adventures in light started when he was a child, tucked up in bed in the Melbourne suburbs. ‘In the dark, I would watch car headlamps make this slow, subtle arcing movement across my bedroom wall. To me it was pure magic.’ So says this Australian artist who’s a mastermind of light art and audiovisual installation. ‘I am all about combining technology with art and design, both inside and outside the computer,’ he explains. ‘Trying to merge physical and digital worlds and dimensions. Fabricating models and sculptures, then illuminating and texturising them with animation and light-mapping installations to create immersive environments.’ After studying sound art at Melbourne’s RMIT college, he defected to light, putting on his own shows and uploading videos of his work onto the internet. These days, Webster’s CV bristles with upscale clients, including Calvin Harris and New York Fashion Week, and he has performed at festivals all over the world. Webster wants to continue pushing the visual envelope, presenting highly experimental concepts that look to define a new audiovisual aesthetic, merging mapped video projection, geometric forms and synchronised sound. ‘I want to know how far you can take things while still conforming to the boundaries.’