The Italian industrial designer Luca Nichetto studied in Venice before starting his career at Salviati glassmakers in Murano, following it up with a stint at Foscarini. He set up his own studio in 2006, eventually making his base in Stockholm. As a freelance art director, professor, juror and designer, he is well versed in every aspect of the international design scene, with broad experience that translates into his studio’s output.

This ranges from interior design schemes, lighting, seating and a playful, almost theatrical approach to retail design and display. Nichetto has built several pavilions and stores in China and has a long association with the country. ‘Chinese culture has influenced the world, not only now, but for many centuries,’ he says. ‘What has most impact today is the country’s production skills and emphasis on the importance of design.’

2015 Silk Chair, Beijing, China
Silk Chair, Beijing, China, 2015

Nichetto cites his own homeland as being one of his key influences, referencing the bold colours and futuristic forms that characterised post-war Italian design. Otherwise, he values an eclectic, multicultural approach. ‘I love the idea of diversity in different languages and cultures,’ he explains. ‘I truly believe it’s better to be close with people from very different places; this is part of the reason why my team is so diverse.’

Above all, Nichetto believes that good industrial design is about happiness, something that crosses cultures and unites. ‘I am learning a lot of things from my collaborations and partners in China – great things, and from a different point of view,’ says Nichetto. ‘It’s an incredible opportunity for me to connect through design with a wider audience. To see people enjoying my designs makes me feel like my ideas have actually touched someone.’§

Luca Nichetto by Neni Studio 2018
Luca Nichetto. Photography: Neni Studio