The TUMI 19 Degree case is a striking combination of luxury and innovation.

After last month’s West Coast site visit to Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles, TUMI’s 19 Degree US architour continues.

Gehry’s 8 Spruce Street / Beekman Tower skyscraper is the next suitcase stopover, the handsome building’s stainless steel cladding mirroring the fluid linearity of TUMI’s 19 Degree’s elegantly sculpted exterior. With its modern, brushed aluminium design and a cascade of angled ripples reminiscent of contemporary, event architecture, the 19 Degree case is a striking combination of luxury and innovation.

Why the Trans-American, architecture adventure? Contemporary travel is about function and efficiency as well as fantasy and glamour. The modern silhouette of the 19 Degree blurs the lines between fashion, art and design. Whether it's crossing countries or continents, TUMI’s latest production – the brand’s first ever aluminum suitcase - transcends the travel experience and makes every journey so much more than a mere utilitarian experience.

“Transcend the travel experience and make every journey so much more than a mere utilitarian experience”

The 19 Degree’s bold, undulating curves may be inspired by the lines present in both architecture and nature but the case’s pioneering ethos continues well beyond its durable, aluminium exterior. A sturdy frame-case design with snap closures and reinforced corner caps provides added protection. The interior is lined to bespoke tailoring standards and provides astutely considered organisational compartments that can be removed according to individual travel needs. From the satisfyingly tactile locking mechanism to the diamond pattern subtly embossed onto its interior, no detail has been overlooked.

“With every mile traveled, city ventured, stamp on your passport, your journey will reach a new degree- it’s only fitting that you carry a bag that reflects your movement,” explains TUMI’s Global Creative Director. “19 Degree truly represents the art of intelligent design; when conceiving the collection, we approached it with the question ‘How can we make our design less elementary and more elevated than what is already on the market?’ We felt our customer deserved a better design and an overall better product that not only performs...but looks cool while performing.”

The design of TUMI’s 19 Degree suitcase case is inspired by both architecture and nature

It isn’t unusual for the grand hallmarks of architecture to permeate design on a smaller scale, but few examples are as pure bred as TUMI’s latest creation, 19 Degree. Inspired by the fluid linearity present in both architecture and nature, the luggage collection’s striking, sculpted exterior of cascading, 19 degree angled ripples is reminiscent of Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.

As with Gehry’s handsome buildings, the contours of TUMI’s 19 Degree create a bold and dynamic appearance. But it’s not just a case of aesthetics; with a ribbed structure that remains faithful to the brand’s tradition for the kind of utilitarian luggage that photographers, filmmakers, stylists and other practically minded creatives use to transport valuable equipment across the continents, the 19 Degree's sturdy composition also ensures security and durability.

Perfecting the Journey

19 Degree is offered in the full range of carry-on and check-in sizes; from an International Carry-On through to an Extended Trip Packing Case. All styles will feature integrated, low-profile TSA locks, TUMI Tracer®, retractable top and side carry handles wrapped with leather detailing, and a patented X-Brace 45® telescoping handle system crafted from lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminium.

Four, dual-spinning recessed wheels are engineered to offer effortless manoeuvrability and provide greater packing capacity. Realised in a silver and matte black finish, as well as a light-reflective polycarbonate version, TUMI’s 19 Degree is the ultimate companion for travellers, no matter how long the journey.

About TUMI

Founded in 1975 by Charlie Clifford, TUMI is based in South Plainfield, New Jersey. The company was named after a Peruvian ceremonial knife that Clifford encountered on a trip to Peru whilst serving as a Peace Corps volunteer. In modern Peruvian culture, A TUMI hung on a wall is a sign of good luck. Creating cutting edge / world-class business and travel essentials, designed to “upgrade, un-complicate and beautify all aspects of life on the move” TUMI products blend flawless functionality with a spirit of ingenuity.

During the 1980s, TUMI's innovative introduction of soft, ultra-functional, black-on-black ballistic nylon travel bags catapulted the company to its current leadership position and its distinctive luggage quickly became an industry standard. The company now supplies accessories such as belts, pens, and electronic equipment also.

Raising the bar for design and technological excellence, in 2006 the TUMI company teamed up with the internationally acclaimed artist Anish Kapoor to create produce the PowerPack Backpack that incorporated solar technology for charging smart phones. The company also had a licensing agreement with Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati, launching a collection of eight co-branded pieces in 2006, sold through the respective brands' retail outlets.

Key moments in the four decades, TUMI timeline include the invention of a patented, Safecase™ computer brief incorporating a shock-absorbing, neoprene sling suspension system to protect the (then) “new technology” of laptops, the introduction the Tri-Fold Garment Bag and the casual, functional "soft briefcase" category, the patented swivel “P” handle, the Omega closure system® and the TUMI Tracer® product identification and recovery program; a metal plate with a unique, 20-digit registration number in each of its bags. Customers can register for the TUMI Tracer program to have their contact information entered into a central database so they can be reunited with their bag if it is found.

The TUMI brand is sold in over 350 stores from New York to Paris to London and Tokyo, as well as the world’s top department and specialty stores and travel retail in more than 75 countries.