Located along a well-trodden avenue in the affluent and buzzy Cerro de las Rosas commune, recently overhauled B.AP - an ample chic décor store - champions some of the best of Argentine contemporary design talent.

Curated by local long-time friends, architects and interior designers Agustina Allende Posse and Santiago Bertotti, the sophisticated hand crafted collection includes wicker chairs by Voilá, Lenga wood and goat skin stools by Designo Patagonia, knitted Simbol coffee tables by Cristián Mohaded, jute and iron chairs by up-and-coming Machimbre brand mixed with handicraft accessories from Bali and standout bespoke wooden furniture designed and manufactured by this team. ‘Our shop is a combo, a widely diverse catalogue where you can find everything from furniture to linens, paintings and accessories to lighting. We try to cater unique and cosy pieces that last in time,’ say the duo. 

The 210 sq m space bears white cement floors in conjunction with dark blue, nearly black, washed walls and blowtorched Pine columns and beams that lend the place a unique personality. The store´s walls also hang two or three paintings by big local names such as Nina Molina, Celeste Martinez or Mateo Argüello.