Smart phones - as opposed to smartphones - are nothing new, and the upper echelon of this particular techno niche is already well furnished with offerings from Vertu, external
Æsir and numerous high-end custom jobs on existing classics like the iPhone.
TAG Heuer have gone a step further with their first foray into ’luxury smart phones’. Rather than simply slap a logo on an existing but outdated handset, the LINK is an Android phone, meaning ongoing upgradeability paired with watch-making level craftsmanship.
The LINK eschews the sleek black and white stylings of an off-the-shelf smart phone in favour of a blend of chunky chronograph styling, complete with countersunk screws, a blend of stainless steel and leather and a neat little ’autolock’, a sealable panel concealing SIM card, memory card slot and connections, protected by a crown-like screw. Finish options include gold, calfskin, alligator or lizard hide.