Its soft shapeless wares might divide dessert lovers in two camps, but the minimalist environs of Nichigetsumochi’s newest boutique are an unequivocal hit. Literally translated as “sun and moon”, Nichigetsumochi embraces the ideas of Yin and Yang, particularly evident in the interior design concept.
Like its two other branches, Nichigetsumochi’s third and latest outpost in Osaka provides freshly made “mochi,” traditional Japanese delicacies made from glutinous rice paste, in stark contrast to its austere concrete and black steel interior. The Osaka-based design office, ISOLATION UNIT / TERUHIRO YANAGIHARA, has helped to create the unconventionally cool atmosphere of this traditional confectioner.
Yanagihara states “As mochi is delicate and cannot be kept (on display) for long, we wanted the design to be worthy of visiting for customers. But by removing as many unnecessary interior elements as possible, I believe we still managed not to steal the spotlight away entirely from the product.”
Apart from having a takeaway counter for the ricecakes, Nichigetsumichi is equipped with a café area, complete with a gallery space for temporary exhibitions, and sells a capsule collection of ceramics as well.