Elliott Lowe

London College of Communication, UK

Lowe’s interest in still life was fuelled by the discovery of his grandfather’s Kodachrome slides. His project, Carefully Placed Objects, showcases unusual items found in charity shops. The surreal, almost sculptural images contain a touch of humour. elliott-lowe.com

Alex Kwok

Parsons, US

At first glance, Kwok’s Tessellation images appear to be complex computer-generated graphics. In fact, the photos depict hand-cut and folded paper triangles, illuminated with multiple coloured lights to trigger new plays on surface and dimension. alex-kwok.com

Calypso Mahieu

ÉCAL, Switzerland

The mysterious Cabaret du Néant (Tavern of the Dead) of fin de siècle Paris is resurrected by Mahieu in a series of darkly seductive shots. The visual language of fashion brings alluring bodies together with macabre objects and spectral apparitions. calypsomahieu.com

Matthew Broadhead

University of Brighton, UK

Heimr is an ambitious photographic series that led Broadhead into the heart of the Nordic wilderness. His goal was to capture Iceland’s ‘space analogues’, remote sites that simulate the environmental conditions of celestial bodies. matthewbroadhead.com

Sotiris Gonis

Royal College of Art, UK

Gonis’ images reveal hidden perspectives after being transformed with changes to the crop or aspect ratio. From textured abstractions with Perspex to prints of pinnipeds on carpets, his subtly melancholic work explores memory and the human subconscious. sotirisgonis.com

Youjia Qu

Rhode Island School of Design, US

Qu takes a compellingly cinematic approach to his work. His Yamakawa series evokes China in the turbulent years between 1912 and 1949, alluding to the mass displacement that affected millions of citizens. These haunting tableaux explore themes of alienation and loneliness. photo.risd.edu/youjia-qu-bfa-16

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