Mark Fast, chosen by Angela Missoni
Tell us about your stellar rise to prominence on the British scene, it’s been a big few years for you.
I feel very lucky to be able to show in a fashion city with such history. It always seemed a fairy-tale to me, but now I am living my dream. It just goes to show that this city is a real centre of hope for boundless creativity.
What was it that first inspired you to experiment with knitwear?
My tutor, Jessica Bugg, encouraged me to experiment with knitwear because my research was very texture driven. When I sat in front of my first machine, I did not know where to begin but that was the exciting part. There was so much to come from the unknown.
Who would you cite as your key fashion world influences?
I am heavily influenced by the 1920’s, The Russian-born painter Erté, and a whole host of artists from that era such as Dimitri Chiparus.
Your work has been described as an organic extension of the female form – is this a primary concern in the design process?
As I am knitting, it is about imagining the female form underneath the stitches and how I can emulate her body.
How would you best describe the British fashion industry?
Rebelliously romantic
Who would you cite as your biggest inter-industry advocates thus far?
My parents have been the biggest support of all. Beyond that, Domus Magazine interviewed me, which was cool because I’m very interested in structure and architecture. The music industry has really gotten into what I am doing which is fun, I like loaning to singers like Rihanna and Kylie Minogue and then seeing the pictures of them out in my work. At home in Canada I am working on something very special with the art community, it will be an inter-disciplinary installation and I’m really excited about it.
Do you intend to continue showing in London
I love it here and London is the backbone of my creative vision.