Designer Konstantin Grcic works across the length and breadth of the design spectrum, and his latest lighting project, Lunar, has been borrowed by an equally pioneering figure in the field.

Rei Kawakubo has, throughout Comme des Garçons’ history, kept the Japanese fashion staple on a simple diet of design innovation (Kawakubo’s Tokyo-based temporary Black Shop featured two of Grcic’s most celebrated pieces including the Plank MYTO Stool and Chair_One from Magis earlier this year).

Grcic’s Lunar at Comme des Garçons, Tokyo

More of Grcic’s Lunar landing at the CdG flagship Tokyo store
Kawabuko’s latest temporary in-store installation however, Lunar by Grcic, has been granted centre stage in Comme de Garçon’s flagship Tokyo boutique for the next six weeks. A colossal postmodern chandelier, the piece – produced for Milanese lighting maestros, Flos and presented at Salone del Mobile in 2008 – is more than a means to illumination.

Constructed within a tubular space frame, Lunar takes cue from its title and has something of an extra-terrestrial twist. Designed for vast architectural spaces, the piece utilises several different lighting elements (including neon and halogen) in order to create sporadically interchanging lighting profiles.

Despite its relative simplicity, Lunar’s stage lighting influence is clear - theatre plays a hefty part in the ostentatious charm of Grcic’s creation, and what better pairing than with the suitably avant-garde histrionics of Kawakubo and Comme des Garçons.