Dear readers

Welcome to our December issue! Compared to previous years, we are entering the festive season on a quieter note – with extravagant parties replaced by more intimate occasions, and excess giving way to a more thoughtful appreciation of the people and things we hold dear. There are grounds for optimism and opportunities for celebrations of a different sort – and so for the final issue of the year, we present an exaltation of earthly delights, and an ode to the joys of entertaining at home.

Our newsstand cover (pictured top left) unveils an exciting new project by Swedish design studio Front, who have worked with Italian manufacturer Moroso to create a new series titled Nature Furniture. Inspired 
by studies on the therapeutic effects of time spent in nature, they decided to bring fragments of the natural world into domestic settings, utilising photography, 3D scanning, and digitally printed fabrics. Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren from Front explain, ‘We wanted to create the feeling that someone had lifted a whole glade from a forest with a gigantic shovel and moved it to a home.’

The natural world has equally been on the minds of our Herculean US editor Michael Reynolds and photography duo Keirnan Monaghan and Theo Vamvounakis, who dreamed up underwater scenes featuring the works of ceramic artist Jeremy Anderson, co-founder of New York studio Apparatus. Originally inspired
 by Bernd and Hilla Becher’s images of industrial architecture, the statuesque forms now come to life in an immersive, coral-filled sea cave. 

For painter and sculptor Bosco Sodi, who created our limited-edition cover, embracing nature has meant exploring organic materials and processes, and discovering beauty within naturally occurring cracks and crevices. It’s been a prolific few months for Sodi, who opened three shows in quick succession (two of which we discuss in our visit to his Brooklyn studio), as well as publishing a small volume of writings on art and life, En cuarentena. This is well worth a read as we reflect on 2020: ‘Art makes us exist more within ourselves and understand our place in the universe, and live in harmony with nature and other human beings,’ he writes.

Meanwhile, Georgie Hopton and Gary Hume share the joys of natural produce in their contribution to our artist’s recipe series: a pasta with green beans, green basil and blue potatoes, all personally grown and harvested at their farmstead in upstate New York. It’s a dish that nourishes both the palate and the soul.

Please enjoy the issue, which is available to download and read on screen below.

Sarah Douglas