Many a bright idea is born after a few drinks, but Sebastian Bergne has gone further than most and created an entire collection in homage to wine. Inspired by drinking, serving, carrying, storing and even spilling the stuff, Bergne has left no cork unscrewed in his exploration of the grape, the results of which - CRU - are now on show at The Aram Gallery.


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The most impressive thing about the 11-piece collection is its diversity; in terms of materials, forms, conceptual complexity, practicality and commercial viability, each product is a standalone project in itself.
Pushing the boundaries of the single theme was precisely Bergne’s point. ‘I wanted to explore as many different angles, materials and concepts as I could, based on anything and everything to do with wine. Though a couple of the designs I’d had in my head for a while, the whole thing’s taken just a year to pull together but I think I’ve covered as many angles as possible,’ he explains.
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From wine-stained t-shirts to a hulking corian storage tree, a simple, snap-together plywood carry case to a beautiful, if a little cautionary, self-monitoring ‘wine diary’ – the designer has flexed every creative muscle he’s acquired in the 18 years since he graduated.
By virtue of the range of things on offer they don’t all appeal in equal measures, but as an exercise in thematic design, on a popular subject, it’s certainly worth a toast.