Jan 2016

Wallpaper* Design Awards

Limited edition cover by Patricia Urquiola and Konstantin Grcic

Victorinox: Urban Outsider

To mark its 130th anniversary, Victorinox and Wallpaper* introduce the Urban Outsiders: highly mobile, free-spirited, outdoor-working professionals. City-dwelling, but transplanted to the countryside whenever possible, they require essential kit to keep their multidisciplinary, all-terrain, all-weathers day moving forward. The Victorinox Urban Outsider doesn’t just live in the city. He lives the city.

Tim Harvey


  • Festival founder Tim Harvey, photographed on Venice Beach, Los Angeles

  • Harvey on a basketball court on Abbot Kinney, Los Angeles

  • Harvey, photographed on Venice Beach, Los Angeles

  • From left: Harvey on Venice Beach and juggling lemons on Abbot Kinney, Los Angeles

  • From left: Harvey, in front of an Abbot Kinney Music Festival poster and at the Emporium of Postmodern Activities, Los Angeles

  • Outside Harvey's cottage on the grounds of Cornbury Estate, the location for this year's Wilderness Festival

  • A moment of contemplation inside Harvey's cottage

  • Cornbury Estate, the location for this year's Wilderness Festival

  • Cornbury Estate, the location for this year's Wilderness Festival

  • Cornbury Estate, the location for this year's Wilderness Festival

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The UK’s festival scene has seen major growth over the last two decades, and Tim Harvey is one of the driving forces behind it. He takes a ‘curatorial approach to creating experiences well beyond just live music shows’. His portfolio encompasses both city and rural events; he was one of the founders of music festival Lovebox, in London’s Victoria Park, and the Wilderness festival at the Cornbury Estate, Oxfordshire. The latter, as much a weekend retreat as an outdoor arts festival, encompasses everything from theatre to rural pursuits and gourmet events.

Wallpaper*: How much of your working day is spent outdoors?
Tim Harvey: I live a fairly seasonal existence. The autumn is spent partly indoors plotting new ideas and partly outdoors looking at potential event sites. The winter and early spring is spent dashing from meeting to meeting in whatever city we’re working in, firming up the festival programme. Summer is spent in the field.

W*: How do you travel to work?
TH: Rail. It’s only when you spend time abroad that you appreciate what an amazing transport system London has.

W*: What essentials do you carry when you travel?
TH: The Victorinox Spectra Dual-Access Extra-Capacity Carry-On
 bag is a brilliant addition to my luggage collection. It’s all I’ve needed for three weeks on the road. I’ll take my tablet, my headphones, and a Victorinox Dual Pro tool. I like its lock-blade function and there’s a vast array of tools on offer too. On my wrist I’ll wear a Victorinox Infantry Vintage timepiece
. It’s discreet but tough so I can wear it in meetings and in the field.

W*: Why do you live in London?
TH: I live here partly because I have to and partly because, culturally, it’s one of the most inspiring cities in the world. And I speak the language fluently!

W*: As an Urban Outsider, how would you cope if stranded on a desert island?
TH: Crack open a beer, slap on some sun cream and put my feet up.

W*: What is your most useful practical skill ?
TH: Having a creative mind. I’m not so good at many other things, but being able to think on my feet and communicate ideas quickly and with conviction has got me into some exciting places (and out of some tight spots).

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