Reborn in India

Two years ago we were Made in China. Last year we were Born in Brazil. And now we’re just back from being Reborn in India. For the best part of a month, Wallpaper* shifted HQ to Mumbai and Delhi with one goal: to produce as true a portrait as possible of the most eye-popping, synapse-snapping, pulse-pushing place on the planet. And now the product of our great reawaking has finally hit the shelves.

But there’s so much more to this extraordinary country than can be pinned down in one issue. So here, in an attempt to keep up with its record-breaking pace, we will be bringing you more news, videos and insights over the coming weeks. And, because no one knows it better than the locals, we’ve invited three India-based guest bloggers to give us their take. Check back next week for your unmissable daily dose

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