Our continued quest to find perfection in life's daily rituals recently took us to Singapore where we uncovered a juice bar like no other. The Wild Bunch & Co. or WB&CO to which it's neatly abbreviated, promises a purity of pressing and processing that should be standard amongst the plethora of juice companies that claim to be additive-free, but sadly rarely are. We've all downed a juice that promises instant health then innocently glanced at the ingredients only to discover enough additives to cause a minor explosion.

Well WB&CO is different. First we love the sophistication of the vegetable-only ingredients: carrot and ginger might be standard fare for the juice savvy but cabbage, celery and fennel is a different matter entirely. Second we love the production credentials: all produce is farmed environmentally without any chemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers and comes with a 100% organic certification. We especially applaud the fact they've upheld their anti-additive stance even in the face of lucrative export and distribution deals.

But for Singapore residents who don't like the idea of going to an 'Organic Shot Bar' for your dose of health you can always try the Juice Prescription Service, where WB&CO is delivered fresh from the press each morning in airtight packaging for the duration of the prescription. Of course the only sadness about such admirably monastic vows of purity is that unless you're either a resident or frequent flier to Singapore there's no chance of mail order – such is the freshness of the juice, they neither travel well nor last long.