Guest Editors 2011

With our new monthly iPad version opening up a whole new portal of all singing all dancing content, we wanted this fifth annual Guest Editors’s issue – the ‘Sound + Vision’ edition – to be our most multi-sensory issue yet. So, we called on two masters of avant garde music and art to produce a feast for eyes and ears.

Below is a taster of Kraftwerk’s exclusive portfolio of 3D imagery with accompanying sound, plus a sample of the eye-popping visualized ‘Manga Scroll’ of artist Christian Marclay and video of him turning the printing process on its head to create this month’s cover. For the full edition and to get your specs, you’ll have to turn to this month’s issue of the magazine. Plus, if you haven’t already, there’s never been a better time to sample the marvels of Wallpaper’s iPad version, where a loud and proud interactive take on Christian Marclay’s 2008 work ‘Zoom Zoom’ and more sounds and 3D vision from Kraftwerk come to life.



The pioneers of electronic, man-machine music, Kraftwerk exploded into the hippy haze of the early 1970s and filled the air with an insistent machine-made beat that spoke of the future. Ahead of their time both musically and artistically, they’ve paved the way for a current generation of musicians and artists and influenced everyone from Thomas Demand and Andreas Gursky to cyclist David Millar and art director Neville Brody. Their guest editor slot features a new and exclusive portfolio of literally dimension-altering Kraftwerk imagery in 3D.

  • Upcoming events
  • ‘See Kraftwerk’s specially developed multi-channel 3D video installation in the Kunstbau at the Lenbachhaus, Munich, 15 October to 13 November ( and accompanying book, Kraftwerk – 3D.
  • A series of concerts will be held at the Alte Kongresshalle, Munich, 12-13 October.
  • Find out more
  • Audio: Kraftwerk – "Autobahn"

Christian Marclay

Swiss-American artist Christian Marclay enjoys a rare, venerated status in the very different worlds of visual art and experimental music, and is one of the few artists who has successfully balanced his activities in the two fields. His 24-hour masterpiece, ‘The Clock’, which recently won him the Venice Biennale Golden Lion, monumentally fills an entire 24-hour period with images of watches, clocks and timekeeping from film and television, all precisely synched to real time. As Wallpaper* guest editor, Marclay has reimagined his 18m-long epic ‘Manga Scroll’ - a visualised onomatopoeic soundtrack of Japanese manga comic action, featuring six of his vocal interpreters.

  • Upcoming events
  • ‘Christian Marclay: Cyanotypes’, 8 September to 29 October at Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco,
  • The Clock is showing until 6 November at Yokohama Triennale
  • Makigami Koichi interprets Manga Scroll on October 22 at BankART Studio, Yokohama,
  • Solo show, 25 October to 22 December, at Gallery Koyanagi, Tokyo,
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