Global Interiors 2013

‘Chatterbox’ side table, AUD$1,800 (£1,202), by Adam Goodrum

Timber trivet, £21, by Adam Goodrum, for Normann Copenhagen

‘Bolet’ pendant light, price on request, by Alexander Lotersztain, for Derlot Editions

Plantation’ armchair, price on request, by Alexander Lotersztain, from Derlot Editions

‘Incalmo’ glass cups and vases, AUD$660 (£439) each, by Andrew Charles Simpson, for Vert Design

‘Anglepoise LED Redux’ desk lamp, AUD$1,850 (£1,230), by Studio Henry Wilson

Vessels, AUD $160 (£106) each, by Daniel Emma, for Thorsten Van Elten

‘Mate’ desk, AUD$1,800 (£1,202), by Matt Prince Design

Old Naval recording roll, £22.50, from Present & Correct

'Yours to Care For’ straw vases, £2 each, Sarah K + Liane Rossler, from 19 Greek Street

‘Fléchée’ rug, CA$4,000 (£2,557), by Samare in collaboration with Antonin Bachet and Linda Topic

‘Deadstock Catherine’ desk light, $650, by Castor Design

‘L-59’ pendant light, CA$4,200 (£2,678), by Sara Parisotto and Hamid Samad, for Commute Home

‘Kendall’ radio, $188, by Furni Creations

‘<3’ side table, CA$650 (£414), by Jonathan Sabine

‘Monsieur Dress-Up’ coat hangers, CA$275 (£176) each, by Anna Thomas, for Loyal Loot

Hanging mirror, DK2,495 (€66), by Lukas Peet, for Karakter

Glassware, by Molo Design

‘Fitzsimmons’ shoes, $90, by Native

‘SP210’ rocking chair, CA$3,300 (£2,104), by Shawn Place

‘Bisakh’ pestle and mortar, CA$75 (£48), by Tahir Mahmood

‘Soft’ table, CA$845 (£539), by Zoe Mowat

‘Lotus’ dessert set, £75 for set of bowl and tray, by Kate Chung, for JIA Inc

‘Vivace’ stool/table, RMB1,250 ($200), by Jutta Friedrichs, for Mü Furniture

‘4A’ chair, £325, by Michael Young, for EOF, from Kùrate

‘Float’ glassware, RMB2,800 ($449) for set, by Carl Liu

‘The Narcissist’ mirror, €1,520, by Neri & Hu, from BD Barcelona Design

‘Solo’ dining table, £2,828, by Neri & Hu, from Kùrate

‘Digital’ bench, price on request, Zhang Zhoujie

‘Sparrow’ pendant lights, price on request, by Zhili Liu

‘Spine’ sofa, €3,619, by Space Copenhagen, for Fredericia

‘Halo’ light, DKK 3,350 (€449), by Nina Bruun, for Danish Crafts

‘Colour Carpet 05’ rug, €859, by Scholten & Baijings, for Hay

‘IO’ bookcase, prototype, by Jakob Jørgensen

‘Beams’ framed print, £1,800, by Keld Helmer-Petersen, from Rocket Gallery

‘Hallingdal’ table, bespoke commission, by Fredrikson Stallard, for Kvadrat

‘Visu’ lounge chair, £359, by Mika Tolvanen, for Muuto

'EM77’ thermos jug, £100, by Erik Magnussen, for Stelton, from Skandium

'FlowerPot’ pendant lamp, €199, by Verner Panton, from &Tradition

Bowl, DKK299 (€40) for set of two; milk jug, DKK249 (€33); ‘brunch’ plate, DKK299 (€40) for set of two; tea cups, DKK299 (€40) for set of two, all by Annemette Kissow for Vipp

‘Square’ chair, €2,200, by Frederik Roijé

‘Balance’ light, €1,870, by Mieke Meijer

Stool, prototype, part of the Oxidation project, by EDHV

‘Virtu-Ornatu’ dressing table with black containers, €POA, by De Intuïtiefabriek, exclusively available through Gallery Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design

‘All In One’ carpet, €895, by Droog

'Raimond’ light, £1,710, by Raimond Puts, for Moooi, from Alison Claire

Paper vase, price on request, by Romy Kühne

‘Silver Pourer’ jug, €2,975, by Aldo Bakker, for Thomas Eyck

'Colour Porcelain' collection, by Scholten & Baijings, for Thomas Eyck

‘Heartbeat’ floor lamp, ZAR7,700 ($865); 'Slat’ stool, ZAR1,725 ($194), both by Dokter & Misses

‘Turned’ table, £6,600, by Gregor Jenkin, from Mint

‘Clock Watcher’, £2,200, by Gregor Jenkin, from Mint

‘Tub’ chair, ZAR3,456 ($388), by John Vogel

‘Ukhamba’ vessels, blue, ZAR900 ($100); brown, ZAR2,200 ($248), both by Clementina van der Walt, for Clementina Ceramics

'Hugh’ lamp, ZAR2,200 ($248), by Liam Mooney

‘Chatterbox’ side table, AUD$1,800 (£1,202), by Adam Goodrum

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