Aquascutum continues to tick all the right boxes, this time with its third capsule collection of formal menswear designed by Savile Row tailor Nick Hart. As well known for his cool celebrity clientele (think David Bowie, not David Beckham) as his sharply tailored bespoke suits, Hart's raffish, yet utterly elegant range of clothes just keeps growing from strength to strength.

Inspired by Aquascutum's silhouettes of the 1960s, the Autumn/Winter 07 collection brings to mind the old-school masculine style of Terence Stamp and Michael Caine while cleverly retaining its contemporary edge. Although minimalist in appearance, Hart's signature one-button suits display a cunning attention to detail, thanks to the subtle use of silk contrasts and self-coloured polka dot panels on the collars in a palette of rich black, grey, dark greens and blues. Softly constructed in silk wool and British winter mohair, each suit is expertly cut through the body right up to the sharp, narrow lapels.


Nick Hart (left) with Brett Anderson. Click here to view gallery.

One of Hart's trademarks is his tweaking of tradition, and for Aquascutum he makes no compromises. Hart has designed high-buttoned shawl shirts to wear with Mao-collared suits and shawls, a sartorial throwback to the old glamour of the 60s. The coat collection also features double-breasted blazers with shooting-style bellow pockets that all drop below the knee in classic British fashion.

Modelled by Brett Anderson, who - can we just say - has come along rather well with age, the collaboration shows us that tradition and modern design can co-exist. Now how about a Suede reunion and some new songs while you're at it?