Famed high-tech fashion maestro Hussein Chalayan teamed up with leading crystal innovators Swarovski to produce another technologically informed collection for Spring/Summer 2008. Supporting the forward-thinking designer for a third consecutive season, Swarovski inspired Chalayan’s latest collection in which he combines the futuristic effects of lasers with the natural beauty of crystals.

The collection entitled ‘Readings’ centres on ancient sun worshipping and contemporary celebrity status, Chalayan uses lasers to refract light through Swarovski

crystal-clad garments, creating an interplay between the devotional figure and its audience in his tech-couture collection.

By morphing hundreds of silhouettes from a myriad of cultures, ‘Readings’ focuses on how icons have been made throughout history. Chalayan arrived at the two composite silhouettes of Greek and Jarab that create the key stories for his collection, constrasting elegant chiffon dresses with bold inspired designs.

Maintaining his technological trend, Chalayan unveiled ‘Readings’ in a film collaboration with Nick Knight’s fashion broadcasting company SHOWstudio . Having invited viewers to submit musical direction, the resulting edit reflects the filmic representation of how fans’ influence the creative product and careers of their heroes – thus reflecting the ethos of Chalayan’s latest collection as the film traverses the pathway between icon and their audience.