Famous for 15 Years

The Wallpaper* 150

Famous for fifteen years

The 150 movers, shakers and makers that have rocked the Wallpaper* world in the last 15 years

So here they are, the 150 people who have come into all our lives over the 15 years since the first Wallpaper* issue and made something that matters to us better, more interesting, or more fun. But, in a Wallpaper* first, these aren’t just our choices. Through the wonders of the Twittersphere, we shot a number of our suggestions out there to provoke debate and input into our great name-checking project. And you came back in numbers and with a lot to say. So this list is, we like to think, the collective hip hip hoorays of the big, happy Wallpaper* family.

It’s also worth mentioning, before you get upset that (insert fave designer here) isn’t in the list, there were a couple of crucial criteria used when putting this list together. For one thing, our 150ers had to be still extant. And their creative flowering has to have happened in the last 15 years (sorry, Mr Armani, but you were a legend long before 1996).

It’s been a close call in many cases, and while our panel and researchers have been forensic in their deliberations, we’d like to throw it back to you one last time. If you still think there’s someone undeservedly omitted, let us know via twitter, and we’ll crown the most nominated contender the Wallpaper* 151er.

Anyway, enough preamble, begin the parade.

DAVID ADJAYE The leading British architect of his generation parlayed contemporary art nous into major public commissions around the world.
JONATHAN ADLER Potter who built a total-look interiors empire on the back of an acid-coloured update of Palm Springs modernism.
FERRAN ADRIÀ At El Bulli he re-invented food, breaking it down to its smallest components and rebuilding it again as something completely new.