Courtyard house, Margaret River. Photographer: Aliocha Merker


Architects Directory 2007


MORQ* is an Italo-Australia studio, founded in Rome in 2001 by Andrea Quagliola, Emiliano Roia and Matteo Monteduro, all in their early 30s. 'We're small scale,' says Quagliola, 'committed to experimentation through building, research and teaching.' They teach at the University of Western Australia, hence the office's Antipodean outpost.

MORQ* La Casa Residence, Perth

As well as finding visual inspiration in art and travel - the 'dimension which enables you to experience and think in a sharper and more open way' - moving to Australia has opened up new influences. 'We've been exposed to new thinking, building practices, lifestyle, weather, staff and students,' says Quagliola. Their Courtyard House project in Margaret River (2005) is a sober but finely detailed residential pavilion, faced in brooding black timber yet appearing to sit lightly on its site.

Describing their approach as collaborative, the trio make the most of their different skills and approach. 'We like passing projects from hand to hand as they evolve and change according to different sensibilities,' explains Quatliola. 'It stops us getting too used to certain signs or shapes.' Each project develops an individual materials palette - 'we don’t have preferred building technologies'. At the moment, they're united in their love of concrete.


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