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Gerfried Ogris (born 1971) and Ralf Wanek (born 1967) both graduated from the architecture school of Graz University of Technology in 1997. After that, the two Austrians worked together for four years in various practices in Graz, before founding Ogris Wanek architects in Klagenfurt in 2003. There is nothing like putting oneself in the place of the client, according to the Austrian duo. They develop solutions via open office discussions and extensive analysis, which will lead them to the final concept. The idea of the concept is the highest point of their work and, for them, represents the top of every architectural process.

Ogris + Wanek Architekten House TSG

Ogris Wanek strongly believes in both the cultural and social value of architecture. Its designs aim to reflect this responsibility and the architects often look for ideas outside classic architecture, in graphic and product design, for example. Their influences come from specific projects, rather than general architectural styles.

Having a very practical and hands-on approach, Ogris Wanek works a lot with 3-D representations and models rather than using just two-dimensional drawings. 'We are probably old-fashioned, but without model-making there is no design,' they say.


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