Coastal House in Cyprus

Costas Koutsoftides

Architects Directory 2007


Costas Koutsoftidis, 48, has practised architecture since 1985 and founded his own firm in 1990. The Cypriot architect works 'solo, like Glenn Murcutt' and designs and supervises on site alone. He has always tried to keep his practice small so he can focus on the architecture and avoid becoming a business manager. Putting quality before profit, Koutsoftidis always tries cast a critical eye on what's happening architecturally in his country and the world.

Costas Koutsoftides Townhouse in Cyprus

Koutsoftidis is greatly influenced by Japanese masters Tadao Ando and Shigeru Ban, as well as the new emerging Spanish and Chinese generation of architects. He enjoys travelling to get new ideas, especially around the Mediterranean and Switzerland. He feels that traditional settings offer inspiration that can be used in a contemporary way. He is always influenced by local architects and especially the younger Cypriot designers.

Although he sometimes finds it difficult to make use of the latest technologies in Cyprus, Koutsoftidis tries to use new materials and methods as much as possible. If what he needs is difficult to realise, he makes up for it by creating custom-made details for each project, which often leads him to unexpected, innovative solutions.


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