Christian Susana

Graduate Directory 2009


‘What is not apparent does not appear,’ is Christian Susana’s slogan. What is perfectly apparent is the ingenuity of Colim – an acronym for Colours of Life in Motion – his car-come-caravan-come-camper, which is not only infinitely pleasing aesthetically, but has a handy detachable car – or cockpit - for when you want to render the home element immobile. As he notes: ‘When everybody makes a cube, I try to make a sphere. When everybody makes a sphere, I try to make a cube.’ The idea, he says, was inspired by ‘a gentle, warm-hearted but cosmopolitan woman,’ meanwhile his most creative influences have come via Formache, where he worked as a product designer. ‘My skills may change in the future,’ reflects Susana, who is currently working ar Designafairs in Germany. ‘But I hope I never lose my desire to change things.’

Would most like to work with: Douglas Adams if he were still alive.



University of Applied Sciences, Graz