David Keshavjee and Julien Tavelli

Graduate Directory 2009


David Keshavjee and Julien Tavelli have been partners in crime for many years, during which time, their interest in the art world burgeoned somewhat organically. ‘We were not good in school,’ they explain. ‘In Switzerland there were a lot of exhibition openings with free alcohol and good food. From there, we became interested…’ We love the brutal simplicity (‘we never use serif fonts’) of their poster series designed to advertise musical events. ‘We developed our own tools. First we worked on a program that can automatically generate a whole font. Then with a font developed in the program, we made woodcut letters. We were interested in the process, not just the finished product.’ They cite Swiss graphic design and Modernism as big influences in their work – which presumably made them excellent candidates to teach at ECAL, for whom they are also producing a book on typeface and technology. The boys done good.

Would most like to work with: Old school printers and typographers.



ECAL, Lausanne