Like a travelling circus for the cultural crowd, mobile galleries are a current fad sweeping exhibition hubs around the world. It started with Chanel’s Mobile Art Pod and continues apace with Hermes’ H Box, which arrived yesterday for its fourth pit stop on Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall Bridge in London.

The 6.5m box, designed by French architect Didier Fiuza Fustino, is just a single room with a screen showing the work of eight contemporary video artists. Ten people at a time fit into the screening room, which shows the eight videos in succession.

Rather than a mere one-off, the H Box has been built with longevity in mind. Every year the programme will be updated with four new works, replacing half the existing eight each time.

The box has been designed specifically to travel with the utmost ease too. After a November launch at the Pompidou in Paris, the H Box has since been to Spain and Luxembourg. Following its spell in London it will head to the Yokohama Triennale in Japan. But if you don’t happen to collide with any of its scheduled stop offs, we’ve got an exclusive taster of three of the films on show.

The clip above is from the film by Dora Garcia, a Spanish-born, Brussels-based artist, whose work combines video, writing and performance.