Since departing from Dior Homme’s creative helm in 2007, Hedi Slimane has been such a prolific curator and photographer that we’ve almost forgotten his contribution to the fashion world. Of course we haven’t really but such is the dexterity and verve he’s shown as an artist, curator and photographer it’s hard to believe it’s the same man who dreamt up that skinny silhouette, which seemed so revolutionary a few years ago.

Our personal favourite of his recent projects (of course not including his tenure as Wallpaper* Guest Editor for W*103) is his portrait series of young artists.


Hedi Slimane

See Slimane's portraits of the young LA artists

We’re not sure if the project started as a witty, literal reference to James Joyce’s novel but Slimane has certainly run with the idea, first photographing young New York artists a while back and most recently moving his lens to LA where he’s currently spending most of his time.

More than just an act of whimsy, Slimane sees the project as giving the young artists, which are shaping both the New York and LA scenes, a tangible personality. Taken at face value the portraits make for an interesting and striking collection. Quite apart from Slimane’s talent as a photographer we’re taken with the charm that, in many cases, you can’t help feeling the artists might be more comfortable behind the lens.

We also applaud the fact that Slimane hasn't turned the project into a grand exhibition, choosing instead to show the portraits within the relative modesty of his own site.